dr. Michael Chindur

Head Doctor of Dermaster Clinic Kemang


  • Botox Training Workshop, Allergan Medical Institute, Jakarta
  • MD Codes I Training Workshop, Medical Institute, Jakarta
  • MD Codes 2 Training Workshop, Medical Institute, Jakarta
  • APTOS Excellence Method and Nano Method Training Workshop, Jakarta
  • MD Codes 3 Training Workshop, Medical Institute, Jakarta
  • Medical Training on Aesthetic Management and Injection Techniques with Hyaluronic Acid with dr.lsrar Wong - Singapore -Teoxane Laboratories
  • APTOS Advance Method Training Workshop, Jakarta
  • Attiva RF Endodermal Academy with dr.Giorgio


  • Proaging, Body and Hair Care with Pluryal Mesoline and Pluryal Booster with Prof.dr. Bob Khanna - USA
  • Pluryal Expert day and continuous Education with dr. Maria Lekomtseva - Rusia
  • Picocare Operation and Clinical Treatment in Clinical Training with dr. Ewen Chee by Won Tech
  • Dermaster ACSI and ACS2 Specialist Certification with Jinnam Park, M.D.
  • Algeness Master Training Course with Prof.Fabio Marini (Plastic Surgeon-Italy) and dr.Kusai EI Musa (Plastic Surgeon- Jordan)
  • Introduction of Pure Toxins for Long Term Safety and Efficacy with Lim Ting Song, M.D.
  • Aesthetic Dermatology Academy Conference (ADAC)- Kuala Lumpur
  • Aptos Global Conference 2019


  • Awarded as "Best Doctor" at Dermaster Clinic Indonesia in 2019-2020