dr. Clorinda Chandra

Inhouse Doctor


  • APTOS Excellence Visage and Linea Training Workshop, Jakarta
  • Picocare Laser Training Workshop, Jakarta
  • Teoxane Filler Training Workshop by Teoxane Laboratories and Parvus, Jakarta
  • Xeomin Botox Training Workshop, Jakarta
  • Pluryal Mesoline Training Workshop, Jakarta
  • Attiva Endodermal Radio-frequency Training Workshop, Jakarta
  • Algeness Filler Training Workshop, Jakarta
  • APTOS “How I combine Aptos threads”, Webinar
  • APTOS “New trend in aesthetic medicine: Contouring. Threads vs Fillers”, Webinar
  • APTOS “Lower face thread correction: Methods and Anatomy”, Webinar
  • APTOS “Aptos thread lifting: how to obtain good result avoiding side effect”, Webinar
  • APTOS “Eyebrow lifting techniques with Aptos thread”, Webinar
  • APTOS “The Visage HA threads for millennials and combination of the HA thread with the thread method in older age”, Webinar
  • APTOS “Aptos threads in doctor’s practice”, Webinar
  • APTOS “How to ensure successful thread lifting”, Webinar
  • APTOS “Quantitative analysis of patient result as a tool to improve thread lifting outcomes”, Webinar
  • TEOXANE “Multi-Layering Technique with TEOXANE Fillers in Asian Faces”, Webinar
  • TEOXANE “The TEOXANE Approach tailored to Perioral”, Webinar
  • PICOCARE “Clinical Application of Picocare and Hexa MLA”, Webinar
  • PICOCARE “Picocare Solution for Pigmentation”, Webinar
  • PICOCARE “Picocare a New Breakthrough”, Webinar
  • PLURYAL “Get Glass Skin with Pluryal Mesoline”, Webinar
  • PLURYAL “Get Rid of Acne and Scar Effectively”, Webinar
  • PLURYAL “Contouring with Pluryal Mesoline”, Webinar
  • PLURYAL “Effective Technique to Treat Acne Scars with Pluryal Mesoline”, Webinar


  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), PERKI, Medan
  • Higiene Perusahaan dan Keselamatan Kerja (HIPERKES), Jakarta