dr. Tan Yuanita

Head Doctor of Dermaster Clinic Pantai Indah Kapuk


  • Certified Doctors fo APTOS, IMCAS Bali
  • Allergan Medical Institute ( Singapore)
  • Facial Aesthetic Conference and Exhibition (UK FACE-London)



  • MD codes filler technique
  • Aptoz Thread lift for Face and Body ( sulamanidze - Rusia )
  • hand and neck rejuvenation with filler
  • facial anatomy cadaver dissection symposium
  • vaginal rejuvenation with fillers
  • Training APTOS (Georgia)
  • Medicine World Congress "Aesthetic and Anti Aging" (Monte Carlo, Monaco)



  • The IMCAS Annual World Congress (Paris)
  • Face Lifting and Body Tightening with HIFU (by dr. Kwon Han Jin - Korea)
  • Thread Lift for Breast and Body Shaping (by dr. Kwon Han Jin - Korea)
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation with Filler
  • Happy Lift Thread for Face Lifting (by dr. Tan Kok Leong - Singapore)
  • Botox & Filler "Juvederm" Hands on (by Dr Melvin Tan - Singapore)



  • Advance Restylane Filler Training (by Dr Scott McLennan – Australia)
  • Misko Thread Hands-on & Workshop (by Dr Lee Hee Young, Ph.D – Korean Plastic Surgeon)
  • Aesthetics Asia & 1st AMAC - Aesthetic and anti-aging Medicine Asian Congress (Singapore)
  • Allergan  Master  Class  Training
  • Simposium dan Basic Laser Course "LASER in MEDICINE and SURGERY"
  • As  speaker  in  Seminar   West  Java  Symposium & Wokshop  Aesthetic  Anti – aging  Regenerative  Medicine  (WESWARM)
  • Botox & Filler “Juvederm” Hands on (by Dr Liauw- Malaysia)



  • Peptidyal 115 The New Filler with Rejuvination
  • International  Master Course  On PDO  Thread For Rejuvenation With Dream Up



  • As  speaker  in  Seminar  &  Workshop in  Aesthetic  Medicine  (SWAM)  and  "MUNAS  III  PERDESTI"



  • As  speaker  in  Seminar  Perdesti  Simposium  The  Innovation  of  Hyperpigmentation  problems
  • Minimal  Invasive  Thread  Contour  Technigue  for  effective  Face &  Body  lifting  in  Korea
  • International  Seminar  &  Workshop  of  the  use  of  ozone  in  medicine
  • Restylane  Training  Course  in  Thailand



  • PRP  Hands  On  Course  from  SM PRP & Stem  cell  Academy  Korea
  • Seminar  &  Workshop  Clinical  Update on  Non-Invasive  Rejuvenation
  • Advanced  Training  Course  on  Russian  Technology  of  Ozone , Oxygen  Therapy  and  EBOO Therapy  Malaysia
  • Seminar & Workshop  Clinical  Update  on Non-Invasive  Rejuvenation
  • PRP Hands On Course from SM PRP & Stem cell Academy Korea
  • Speaker  in  Perdesti  Seminar  Skillfull  hands  &  updated  knowledge  for  better  out  come  in  Aesthetic  Medicine  service



  • Indonesian Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (IACAM) Symposium
  • The National Symposium of Anti Aging and Regenative Medicine (ISAAM)
  • HISOBI National Obesity Symposium 2008 Puragen Training and Workshop



  • Puragen Training and Workshop
  • Botox Cosmetic Training



  • Basic Acupuncture Course from Persatuan Akupuntur Seluruh Indonesia (PAKSI)
  • Perdesti International Symposium in Aesthetics Medicine:The Latest Breakthrough in Aesthetics Medicine
  • Course in Institute of Advance Esthetics (KULIT)