dr. Christin Natalia

Head Doctor of Dermaster Clinic Mangga Besar


  •  APTOS “Light Lift Linea by dr. Murat Tsintsadze”, Webinar
  • TEOXANE “The Teoxane Approach to Perioral Rejuvenation”, webinar
  • Merz institute of advance aesthetics “Advance Injector Master Class Series”, webinar
  • APTOS “Initial Course on Aptos Methods and Obtained Proper Skills of Using Aptos Products”, LLA, Jakarta
  • PICOCARE training workshop, Jakarta
  • National Symposium "New Paradigm of Management in Pediatric to Geriatric  Dermatology & Venereology: Effective Strategies Related to Diagnosis, Prevention and Management "at 2nd East INSDV National Symposium, Banjarmasin
  • Dry Workshop : "Wound Care for Pediatric and Geriatric" at 2nd East INSDV National Symposium, Banjarmasin
  • Symposium and Dry Workshop : JAKDERM 2020:"Emerging Disease & Therapeutic Approaches in Dermatovenerology", Jakarta



  • National Symposium "Dermatosurgery & Anti Aging, Jakarta
  • Seminar: "A Stepwise Approaches to Melasma  Management and Treatment", RSPAD Gatot Subroto, Jakarta
  • Training: Advance Cardiac Life Support(ACLS), PERKI House, Jakarta
  • Seminar and Workshop: DEVICE FK UI 2019:"A Comprehensive Updates and Approaches: Dermatovenereology in Everyday Clinical Practice", FK UI, Jakarta
  • Training: "Advance Suturing Course: Archieving Fine Scar", FK UI, Jakarta



  • Symposium: "Optimizing Medical Care in General Practice", Jakarta



  • Training: Basic Life Support(BLS), Jakarta



  • Seminar: "Annual Tropical Disease Meeting(ADTM)", Jakarta